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Articles from our supervisors and students

Patricia - Angelic Healer

My name is Patricia. 16 years ago I developed an interest in religion when I started my search how to deal with issues in my life. After witnessing a ritual performed by the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight, I read the book "The Temple of High Magic" by Ina Cüsters-van Bergen. That made me decide to join the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight in October 2009 and I started my training: the monthly Temple Training brought me into contact with my lodge-members: a great group of wonderful people. Read more here....



Cynthia - magical botanist

Early on as a child I was already fascinated by the world of plants. When I wasn't at school I was collecting berries and leaves and making them into magical poultices and drinks. In my work as a biology teacher I can partly use this passion. It feels only natural for me that my occult specialization takes place within the plant Kingdom. I would describe myself as a magical botanist and it is in this role that I make incense, oils, tinctures and powders for magical and ritual use. Read more here....



The Western Mystery Tradition

Founder and Director of Studies, Kate Warwick-Smith, is an initiate of the Western Mystery tradition. For over 20 years she has led groups, taught classes and supervised students. Read more here ....



Voorstellen: Paul van Wierst

Paul van WierstMijn eerste jaren heb ik doorgebracht in Indonesië, waar ik ook geboren ben. Hier maakte ik kennis met de magie dat mijn jeugd omringde en het hele leven doordrong. Later in Holland stond de magie verder weg dank zij de Hollandse nuchtere verstandelijkheid. Pas na diensttijd en de Rietveld Academie kon ik de toentertijd schaarse boeken kopen over spirituele onderwerpen. Lees hier verder ...



El Cubo

A Youtube video from our brethren of Fraternidat del Circulo Dorado. Thank you Jorge for sharing this beautiful movie!



Jack+van+Eik+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+Starlight

The Colour of God

 (a lecture not given ... out of shyness) by Jack van Eik (1946-2009)


Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm not much of a magician and I'm certainly not used to stand in front of an audience, so what am I doing here before you?
Well, sometimes the heart bursts. When too much love is getting in. Or too much light. You cannot hold it in, so you have to share. Sometimes (but really it is the same as love or light) you see something in a new perspective and a gate opens. And behind it is a new Jerusalem, shining, glorious.

You know as well as I do that those moments, and they are always moment of inner truth, are rare and come unexpectedly and what triggered them is probably something seemingly insignificant, an insect buzzing overhead, a blade of grass catching the sunlight, a simple word in a book already seen a dozen times.
... read more



Jack+van+Eik+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+StarlightTep Zepi, the First Time

 Some notes by Jack van Eik (1946 - 2009)

I have come to this sacred place, the region of 'the First Time',
to be a soul, a Ka, a spirit, a dweller in this land.[ii]

'Tep Zepi, the First Time, is a central concept in ancient Egyptian religion.' Jeremy Naydler in his book Temple of the Cosmos[iii] did say some sensible things about it and he indicated how much this concept was intertwined with the magical and ritual practice of the Egyptians. As a practitioner of ceremonial magic, in particular Egyptian, and so from a different perspective, I feel a need to share with you my own findings about Tep Zepi.
First we have to determine what is the proper meaning of this First Time. Looked at superficially it is a mythological era of the first creation, the era of the adventures of the gods, the mythical events that created a pattern and a standard for later times, a golden age before, as it is said: 'rage or clamour or strife or uproar had come about'. In this view it would mean that it all took place in the past, that Tep Zepi is mytho-historical time. The creation is in this conception after all something that is situated at the start of the timeline.
... read more



Medizinmaus+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+StarlightBecoming a Candidate-Lodge

by Medizinmaus

Our small group worked together for more than one year with magical themes, when we decided to found the Hygieia-group on Easter-Friday 2006. We all came from healing professions and healing was our central theme, we wanted to learn magical healing methods. I was leading the small group, but decided that in order to do this responsible we needed a lot of help from a teacher and real trained Magus. I started my training at the School of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight®. read more here ...


Strandwalker+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+Starlight

Help me understand the Universe

by Strandwalker

I would like to share what I have gained from the training at the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight. Some years ago I was looking for a spiritual training. I wanted a school that would provide me with spiritual teaching and at the same time help me to understand the Universe. I had read lots of books and studied the theories, taking bits and pieces at random, a method which turned out not to work very well. Read more here...


Ron+Rumley+van+Gurp+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+StarlightFeet firmly on the Earth, but Let my Head roam the Heavens!

by Ron Rumley van Gurp

Some time ago I wrote about a very important step I took at that time: to start taking lessons with the Temple of Starlight. Now, about one and a half years later, the time may have come to share some of the things I’ve learned since then. Read more here ...