Anubis, guide through the Shaman's Gate - Temple Retreat - by Ina Custers-van Bergen

Autumn 2007
Temple Retreat with Ina Cüsters-van Bergen


This was a very intense workshop. We gathered at fridaynight and found a beautiful decorated temple. We learned the temple Rules and did the consecration ritual.


Gathering of the Powers, gathering of the Order

The power was there... and increased more and more during the weekend. It was a joy working with the brethren and sisters who all had come, to join and work in this temple. The energy was very good and I had a lot of deep mystic experiences during the rituals. Other people did as well. Anubis was very present in all his beauty and power, and found a welcome ‘playground’ in the spirits and hearts who were present. When we shared experiences in the talks, it expanded the conciousness of the groupmind, so we could learn even more through the images and feelings we brought each other.

The Initiations

When we had the first degree initiations we had a very special guest... a Big Bee showed herself, proud and loud! We all ‘oooohhh –ed’ and were excited when she flew like a QueenBee through the temple. Remember, this workshop was in november, when there are no bees to be found at this time at year.

But... the next day we had the second degree initiations... and there she was again! Big Queen Bee, proud and loud.

For those who don’t know; the bee is a special symbol, connected to the initiations in our western spiritual traditions. This is not a coïncidence... this is magic! (Mr Hollywood, eat your heart out :-) )

Osiris becomes a star!

The rituals were beautiful... and lifted our spirits to the highest realms (and back, thank God :-)).

All the rituals we did were special, were beautiful, were intense and food for our hungry souls. The ritual on saturdaynight, ‘The King becomes a Star, was the most beautiful of all. We had an Osiris who died in the starry heaven... it was sad, and we mourned as we gave away a ‘thing’ that could die with Osiris.

Everybody gave something which had a special meaning to them, something in their lives that needed to be transformed. In order to transform, it needs to die. Then the night came, and we had our vigils. Quiet, pure, impressive in the Lux Occulta.
The next morning we called Osiris back into life. And with Osiris all our transformed items came back into live as well.
This was the ritual of The Appearance of the Egg of the Phoenix on the Altar of On.
It was a joyful ritual... a birth of new, fresh times.

Bringing down the fruit of Starry Heavens
Bringing down the gifts of Him for me
Bringing down the blessings of his essence
Bringing down the one I’m going to be.

Aren’t we all becoming...?
Aren’t we all trying to come forth in Light?

The Path of the Shaman

This weekend paved a path, which we only had to tread and follow under the guidance of Anubis, Guide through the Shaman’s Gate.

A special compliment for Diana, with her little and very, very organised (how does she do that?? Said the chaotic Sister) shop where she stored everything and helped us all, preparing the rituals. Also the paintings she made were perfect. Applause for Diana!

And of course Ina... with a continuous focussed and gentle but firm mind she lead us. Inspiring, wise and an anker for us all while we were sailing the starry skies. I think, she has a hotline with our Big Black and Golden Friend upstairs... I know she had a lot of work, and spent a lot of hours preparing all these beautifull things for us. It was perfect... we really learned, we really grew, and touched divine realms.

Thank you, on behalf of us all, Ina!

I still have that sweet taste in my mouth, still feel the soft, silky energy around me, and from the moment I stepped into my car to go home, the longing started. The longing to go back, to do it again, and again, and again, and again, and...
(and, yes, this is a hint :-)).

Elodie Hunting



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