The Atlantis Rings -- Temple Retreat -- by Ina Custers-van Bergen


with: Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

Residential Weekend Workshop autumn 2008


When we arrived at Friday evening we had a first quick look at the beautifully decorated temple and met the others, who were as excited and full of expectation as we were. During preparation time everyone had to connect with a special godform and to design special things and it was very impressive to see how great and appropriately this had been done.



The gates open, the Flood begins

For the first time the ritual of this evening let us pass the Guardian, whom we had to give the right password to enter the temple. The altars, candles, incense, music and the magnificent dark blue banners on the wall created a stunning atmosphere. In ritual, the Watchtowers came to life and the doors to Atlantis were opened. We were no longer just in today’s time. The energy was with us, it was deep, mighty and awesome.
Surprisingly we would have two vigils, Friday night and Saturday night. So everyone knew that we had to prepare ourselves for short nights of sleep but full of deep experiences in Atlantis.


The vigil 

Subsequently to the ritual the first vigil started. The temple was not to be left alone, so we guarded the temple in pairs throughout the night (both nights my time was from 4 - 5 o’clock). Every hour the next pair came to take over the duties. The energy was wide awake and concentrated, I had the pleasant feeling of melting into it and sank in meditation. Later on I saw astonished how time had run and would have liked to stay longer in this conscious silence. After we had left the temple we both felt the desire to take a few steps under the starry skies, what we did.


Sun, moon and stars 

After a short night the ritual of the morning paid homage to the sun, with the sunpriest playing the important role. It was followed by his first degree initiation, and the meaningfulness and solemnness of the event moved me deeply.

According to the course of the day, afternoon and evening belonged to the moon and the stars. In very deep, touching rituals we went back far in time, stood in an Atlantean temple and learned about humanity and its origin.

The energy of the temple released us for a brief moon ritual under the open sky. The moon came out for short, illuminating the pool and us, standing at its shore and singing. It was a magic moment.

Then the second vigil started. At this night every group consisted of three people and we had certain tasks to carry out. Talking about our experiences the next morning (after the salutation of sunrise, which happened open-air too) we found out that every group received messages complementing each other and forming a harmonious overall picture.

Dry land 

The Sunday rituals were the crowning finale of this eventful and intensive weekend. The energy was that high that we lost our time and really drifted far away. This turns out to be a problem, if in this world there are deadlines to be observed. But the gates to Atlantis were closed in time and we all got back on the Dry land, the Watchtowers came to rest and with joined forces the temple was turned into a “normal” meeting room, where still was enough time for concluding talks.

Homesickness and hidden treasures 

This workshop has touched me in many respects. Still sentences, sounds and even odours ascend and I am there again for a moment, understanding suddenly and being caught by their deep meaning and beauty. During a ritual I received an answer to an important question and by now I even understood … I see myself as a little part of a living tradition. In my everyday life my perceptions deepen and widen, I am astonished and happy. The hidden treasures unfold in my subconsciousness and take their place in my life. And I never thought that I, normally rational and reserved, would feel something like homesickness.


Finally I want to thank for this very special weekend. Ina, it has been full of wonders, you have done more for us and do more than I can express, thank you, thank you, thank you. Diana, you spend so much time for preparations and especially for the gorgeous banners, it was so beautiful, thank you. All of you, Fratres and Sorores, it was a great pleasure to meet you (again), and I am happily looking forward for the next time.


Christiane *Mercury* from Hamburg, Germany



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