Babylonian Moonmagic -- Temple Retreat -- by Ina Custers-van Bergen



Ina Cüsters-van Bergen
spring 2007 - Residential Temple Workshop


In association with the Pagan Federation the workshop Moonmagic was held in Nijverdal from March 9 thru March 11  2007. The participants had several different backgrounds and they came from all kinds of traditions.


The Preparations

Before the workshop started some things had to be built. A splendid moon temple was put down, which was transformed on the inside to a kingdom for the Babylonian moon god Nanna Sin. On the sides of the temple we built the quarters East, South and West (the moon temple stood in the North). In the middle we made a black pool, filled with water, flowers and candles. When I put the last flowers in the water I started to see things that in no way were a reflection of what was surrounding me. During the whole workshop this mysterious pool appeared to be full of surprises.


The Transformations

The whole weekend we would work as priests and priestesses in the temple, where of course there were certain rules. Like walking clockwise, greeting the moon god when you enter and leave, no shoes on, subdued talking or simply being quiet. With this respect and honour the space changed into a holy temple. All of a sudden we lived in another time and another place surrounded by an atmosphere of mystery.


The Costumes

On Friday evening we started with the consecration of the moon temple. We all wore black robes. The men wore moonlamen and the women wore a veil and a moon symbol on their forehead. The procession to get inside was an amazing scene and a solemn moment. The energy that was building was clearly tangible. The moment I was allowed to turn on my candle at Nanna Sins altar I spoke a few words of welcome to him and I made the first contact with this splendid energy, which built up over the course of the days.


The Moon God

In our temple life Nanna Sin stood central. Just like in the ancient times the rituals (six in total) that took place revolved around taking care of this deity. So he was woken up in the morning, he was washed, fed and dressed. In between he was fed again and later prepared for the night. This was expressed in the rituals. All this had a profound effect on us priests and priestesses. Within myself I started experiencing things, seeing images that came to me like a sort of memory. Step by step we made contact with a very old energy that started working in all of us.


The Energies

During the ritual on Saturday night power lines became visible as green blue lines. The energy was very immense and intensely affected me. I felt the warm vibrating energy inside and my hands turned red. Each time I find it astonishing that the experiences I have are not just only within but also physical. It is really tangible and visible. Meanwhile this holy space had been entirely filled with vibrating energy that even expanded outside the temple.


The Vigil

After this Ritual the night vigil started. In groups of two we took turns keeping watch for one hour, so that the temple was observed all night. One was the seer and the other the guardian. In the afternoon we had learned a technique to see images in a bowl of water. Now we could apply this in the black pool. Some of us had already gained experienced as guardian in one of the rituals.


Scrying in the Spirit Vision

As seer I observed the pool where there was much to see. After an hour I became aware of my surroundings and I had forgotten to go outside to discover the signs in nature. I could not break myself free from the miraculous pool and stayed for another hour. Before going to sleep I went outside to look for signs in nature. The star-spangled sky was unusually clear. It almost seemed as if I was walking in between the stars myself. This was truly a magical night.


The next day I vibrated of energy even though I had only slept for 3 hours. The surplus of energy is also one of the incidental circumstances you receive after a ritual. First our experiences of the previous night were discussed. It was interesting to hear how others had experienced the vigil. But most fascinating was the fact that some people had seen and experienced exactly the same things as you. This was an affirmative that there was clearly something going on.

Messages of the Gods

In the next ritual there was a message that became visible to all of us, which we could experience in the following path working. The last ritual existed an exercise to give this beautiful message a place within us. We celebrated all this with bread and wine and were surrounded by a holy festive atmosphere.



The workshop has changed us all. A bond was created that completed all the different traditions that we came from. Step by step the beautiful space was dismantled, but inside us the energy remained active and this energy is still working in my life. The wish I asked of Nanna Sin is already starting to take shape. Life is really magical.

Diana M.

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