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Inner Circle

Dear readers

Finally my book 'The Temple of High Magic' is finished and can be ordered from every (online) bookshop worldwide. I am very pleased with the end result of long and hard work. I appreciate it when you email me your comments and questions .... You find an excerpt of the book among the free downloads, so you will have an impression of what it is going to be like.

This free audio download 'Spirituality is a training' is now also available for people who subscribe to the newsletter. More of these audio files are under development for members of Order. For people who want to print it out, I have added the newest article of the newsletter below on the top of the list with the pdf's.

Good Heavens Today, the online magazine of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight.




Spirituality is a training
listen to the English versionaudio+lectures+magic+Ina+Cüsters+van+Bergen+ Hermetic+Order+Temple+of+Starlight


Spiritualiteit is een training
luister naar de Nederlandse versie


Spiritualität ist eine Ausbildung
hören Sie hier die Deutsche Version


Youtube video with pronounciation of the Middle Pillar Exercise


Newsletter of June 2011

English Thank you, no training for me, I am already enlightened!
Nederlands Dank u, geen training voor mij, ik ben al verlicht!
Deutsch Danke, keine Ausbildung für mich, ich bin schon erleuchtet!


Newsletter of April 2011

English Do you already know all the secrets of the All?
Nederlands Ken jij al alle geheimen van het Heelal?
Deutsch Kennen Sie schon all die Geheimnisse des Alls?


Newsletter of March 2011

English Moon Magic, the Sacred Power of Dion Fortune
Nederlands Maan Magie, de heilige kracht van Dion Fortune
Deutsch Mondmagie, die heilige Kraft von Dion Fortune


Newsletter of February 2011

English What is High Magic?
Nederlands Wat is Hoge Magie?
Deutsch Was ist Hohe Magie?


Newsletter of January 2011

English Be still, a god speaks with a God ....
Nederlands Wees stil, een god spreekt met een God ...
Deutsch Sei still, ein Gott spricht mit einem Gott


Newsletter of November 2010

English Introduction to High Magic
Nederlands Introductie tot de Hoge Magie
Deutsch Einführung in die Hohe Magie


Newsletter of November 2010

English The Descend of the Angels
Nederlands De Engelen dalen neer!
Deutsch Das Herabsteigen der Engel


Newsletter of June 04 2010

English http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/pub-filled-magicians
Dutch http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/een-pub-vol-met-magiërs
German http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/ein-pub-voller-magier


Newsletter of March 12 2010

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/meditation-date-your-self-1

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/meditatie-een-afspraak-met-je-zelf

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/meditation-eine-verabredung-mit-ihrem-selbst



Newsletter of February 19 2010

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/voice-magic-teleseminars-members-0

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/voice-magic-teleseminars-voor-leden

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/voice-magic-teleseminare-für-mitglieder



Newsletter of January 29 2010

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/develop-your-hypersensitivity-spiritual-magical-training

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/ontwikkel-je-hooggevoeligheid-door-een-spirituele-magische-training

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/entwickeln-sie-ihre-hypersensitivität-durch-spirituelle-magische-ausbildung



Newsletter of January 8 2010

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/spirituality-training

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/spiritualiteit-als-training

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/spiritualität-ist-eine-ausbildung



Newsletter of November 26 2009

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/sun-king-meets-moon-queen

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/zonnekoning-ontmoet-maankoningin

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/der-sonnenkönig-begegnet-der-mondkönigin



Newsletter of September 30 2009

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/have-branches-your-tree-reached-heavens

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/groeit-jouw-boom-al-tot-aan-de-hemel

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/berührt-ihr-baum-schon-den-himmel



Newsletter of September 6 2009

English: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/launch-new-website

Nederlands: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/launch-van-onze-nieuwe-website

Deutsch: http://templeofstarlight.eu/content/zum-start-unserer-neu-gestalteten-webseite








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