Sword in the Stone - part I - Temple Retreat by Ina Cüsters-van Bergen


Ina Cüsters-van Bergen
Residential Temple Workshop Spring 2009



An almost unbelievable experience ...


And yes, indeed, an almost unbelievable experience it was! Sitting here at my desk, I have to admit that it is very difficult to find the right words.... Are there words that can express this magical, wonderful, deep experience?

The magic began early in the foreplay .... oh yes Ina, I love Avalon so deep in my heart! And yes, it was my deepest wish to be Morgaine le Fay in this workshop! But how could you know? You did know! These are the special moments, when the magic touches you on the shoulder ....I cried my first tears of joy early, even before the workshop started.


Lords and Ladies of Camelot

For this workshop, we were asked to create costumes for ourselves: Priests and Priestesses, Ladies and Knights. And everybody had done a marvelous job! Everybody looked so wonderful, beautiful, magical ....! This added enormously to the atmosphere.
When I arrived at Friday afternoon, the Temple was already prepared. What a work you did, Ina and Diana!

In the evening it was time to let the myths come to life. It was the time that the Grail Ritual started in the Castle of the Fisher King. We assisted the Sea Priestess, Vivienne le Fay, in making the place into a magical space. The unbelievable experience had started.... .


Morgaine le Fay speaks.....


It would be a vain attempt to find words that can express and explain all the images and symbols which were given to us during the ongoing rituals. I watched with my inner eyes, I heared with my inner ears. We all entered into the Grail Castle and were called on the Quest for the Grail. We stirred up the Dragon Powers that were lying asleep under the earth. The Lady of the Lake called down the Sword and it came down on a lightning flash. I myself have woven the Scabbard for this magical sword; Excalibur. We were all witnesses at the Alchemical Wedding, the marriage of the King of the Land and the White Queen from the Heavens. At the wedding a miracle happened. One by one we walked outside through the woods, following the trace of a wonderous white Heart that appeared at the wedding: and everyone returned with a gift from the Heart.


The Enchanted Woods

In the night of the Full Moon we were called outside. In a procession we walked through the enchanted woods. We gathered at the lake. Here we called down the Moon (oh my beloved Nimue, you were so beautiful). We passed through the elemental veils and stepped into the Otherworld. We were invited to witnesses Merlin s enclosure and his transformation to a Son of Light.
In the night we guarded the castle. We practised vigils with trance work, that even more stired the soup on the Inner Planes :-) And we had great visions! Galahad, the Grail Prince, was knighted - and the air cracked and vibrated. Then the words came, that announced an inevitable fate:

Arthur, Once and Future King

... I have a vision. There is pain and sorrow to come. All this will dissappear. But it will be transformed in something wonderful and new.... The Grail will remain safe, for the Grail is a Stone. It can never die. It is kept safe on the Inner Planes and will surface in another time and another place. And after this prophecy the inevitable end followed; the King died. Oh Arthur, we mourn about your passing. But your legacy is not forgotten, since you are the Once and Future King.


Back at home, doing all those every- day- life things, I still can feel the myths around and inside me. The mists are thin, and Avalon is very close.

Thank you Ina, Lady of the Lake

Morgaine le Fay - Nicole - Venus Raum Würzburg


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